Suddenly is an Anthem to all Women

Deann Mottley aka "DeMonica Flye" is not new to the music scene in Minnesota, she actually has been here long enough to have lost most of her Chicago accent.

The many cover bands she has been with and led over the years is a testimony to her commitment to be a part of the Minnesota Music scene. It is not an easy scene to break into with legacy singers like "Prince", "Bob Dylan", and of course "Judy Garland". Are there more? Yes, Minnesota has as many bands/singer as it does "Lakes" if not more. Each with it's own following and fan base.

I met her in person back in late 2008 through a cousin of mine but had seen her perform and DJ before that at varies clubs in St.Paul. I won't get into her back story here but she has a presense when you meet her that puts you at ease and at the same time you want in her orbit. That is how it feels to me at least. She needed help on a project band she was working on and I was glad to help gather and manage it/her. "Hi-Definition" was planned to be not just a cover band but also a Minnesota version of "Chicago" with it's own flavor and style. about a year into the project it became obvious that it was not going to hold together because we had too many great musicians that had their own career plans and the band was only a stepping stone to them. Deann ever gracious let them go their way and continued on to the next stone herself.

If I go into all the things this woman has done to perform and bring music to the masses we will lose our reason for being here (lol).

So let's talk about this song Suddenly. Every once in awhile song comes along that says something more than just pop phrases and hooks to Make You Dance. The song obviously was written with a deeper story in mind. I look forward to the future where it's pulled in as an Anthem for women both in bad relationships and finally becoming self-aware. 5 years and 6 months makes a listener Wonder what exactly took that long and if there's a man attached to it why did she wait the 5 years 6 months? If you get a chance download this song If you get another chance make sure you spend some time to talk to De Monica Flye and get the juicy meat about this song don't let it be like Carly Simon or maybe we should... Carly Simon got paid really good for You're So Vain and the secret that came with it.

See y'all next time and I look forward to hearing more music from De Monica Flye on and

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